Our Service Profile

  • Operational risk managers and Corporate Insurance advisors.
  • Handling the entire insurance portfolio of corporate clients, institutions and other participants.
  • Advise Corporates in engineering and risks on areas like Erection All Risk, Workmen Compensation, Liability, etc.
  • Negotiating the best rate for the right coverage, putting the clients’ interests first
  • Quantification of Liability Exposures
  • Risk Mapping
  • Claims Management
  • Advise Corporates in Gratuity and Pension Fund and also in formation
  • Retail Life Insurance including Keyman Insurance
  • One stop shop solution for all Insurance Products including Motor, Retail Health.

The company has combined staff support to handle Risk Management, Marketing, Legal, Claims and back office operations. Our professional team comes with varied experience, both industrial and insurance sector. Our combined strength of Retail and Corporate will be an exclusive and distinctive advantage in the fraternity, in terms of service through whopping logistical support.

Our Approach and value additions to your company:

First and foremost in offering services, is to understand your business, business concepts, etc., which include your services, clients, suppliers and the impacts both on financial and commercial, on your business. By spending dedicated time with our clients, we understand your business and insurance requirements.

By doing a Risk Mapping, we consider different ways of reducing the risks. After your informed decision on what you intend to retain, we help you reduce, mitigate and / or eliminate the remaining risk through insurance. This study involves correction of any over- insurance or under-insurance. We aim to complete the maximum cover at a less expensive premium with the best terms and insurance coverages, which are best benefitted to you. With apt quantification of Risk Assessments, we advise the company for optimizing their cost of risks – again, optimizing does not mean reducing the premiums alone but also extending the best cover.

Not only the cost, but also the qualities of best insurance coverage, service levels, claim track records, will be given due weight while we choose an insurance company for the requirement. We have no financial entanglement with any insurance company as an Insurance Broker. We deal with all the insurance companies. We understand our Clients’ business and we have the best bargaining power to negotiate for the best premium rates for the best product, required for our clients. We have the right expertise in evaluating the policies in terms of the adequacy on the coverage and the terms of claims settlement. We would be the company’s one stop shop resource center for insurance portfolio. We are professionals, representing the insurance buyers only and not the insurance company. As an Insurance broker we can place the insurance of our client with any insurance company, in the best interests of the insurance buyer. Thus, we are a single window solution for all insurance requirement of the insurance buyer with all insurance companies.

We have innate quality and capability in getting the claims settled in an appreciable manner. As this is a process driven perseverance, we work meticulously to get the things done from the Insurance Companies. Apart from the Insurance Company we would also follow up with the surveyors for completion of survey. We would simultaneously work along with the Insurance Company’s service desk, in helping them to speed up the matter.

We have a client-wise Dash Board to show a clear view on the total Insurance Portfolio starting from premium, date of expiry, endorsements, etc.,

As we are aware, insurance is not bought and sold only on price. Insurance policies are legal contracts full of exclusions and limitations. Any gap in the coverage will lead to potentially disastrous results at the time of claims. Many of these gaps can be plugged by us without significantly increasing the insurance costs and / or even by transferring the premium from a relatively unimportant coverage to pay for missing coverage with a proper plan.

For all these services, we do not charge any fees. Hence, appointing us will not result in any outflow for the client company. We get our income from the Insurance Company. Again, the cost is not built on the client.

During these volatile days, the Corporates are to monitor their risks very closely. The business margins are also seemingly low these days that the companies are putting themselves more time into preparation for any unforeseen situation, rather than concentrating in their own business. Risks are dynamic and the nature and colour of the Risk can change dramatically over a period of time or even any time. Insurance claims can be made only as per the contract clauses and the gap between what is intended to purchase and what has actually been purchased, has to be managed well. The challenging question for any customer is to know how much should be the ideal or sufficient cover. This question will not harm as far as there are no claims. The best solution is to outsource the insurance portfolio to us, so that more valuable time can be given to your business.

We have our perceptions on long term in nature and a win-win solution, with our clients.